LWC – Capture Signature using LWC

A small component to help capture a signature or just drawing some terrible pictures. The component supports saving to Salesforce File or Attachment. // SingatureUtils.cls public with sharing class SignatureUtils { @AuraEnabled public static void saveSignature(string relatedId, string data, string type){ //No Id No save if(String.isBlank(relatedId)) return; if(type == 'Attachment'){ saveAttachment(relatedId, data); } if(type ==…
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Delete All Debug Logs in Salesforce.

It will be sooner or later; we will need to delete the logs because of reaching limitation. There are several ways to do so besides using Debug Logs Page (Setup->Environments->Logs->Debug Logs). Using the Developer Console: we can use the Query Editor of Developer Console to query all the Debug Logs then select all the logs…
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Improve Performance of Query with Date Conditions Using Custom Indexed.

Have you ever met the error “APEX CPU time limit exceeded”, “Query Timeout” when querying just 1000 records? If your data is only a few thousand, you will not experiences the slowness. This is a common issue when your object has a massive set of data hundreds of thousands or millions. To improve the query…
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